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Via Eschieto, 1 00048 Nettuno (RM)
Tel: +39 06 9851921
Fax: +39 06 9851921
Contact: Claudio di Gio' Pietro
Region: Lazio


In 1973 some vine-growers pooled and established CANTINA BACCO of Nettuno to continue a tradition lasting over the centuries. In this rich soil vines like the famous Cacchione of Nettuno, cultivated with high professionalism, produce timely grapes that are accurately selected, leveraging on the ancient traditions and modern techniques. The Cacchione vine found its ideal habitat in Nettuno from time immemorial. Its history and adaptability to the microclimate make it one the most important autochthonous vines of Lazio. In Nettuno there are still many Cacchione vineyards - so called "piede franco" (vineyard based on the European variety without any graft on American vine). The "piede franco" vineyards have a great balance of the plant and, consequently, allow for best quality products.

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